The 2016 CBA Judge Panel

The China Beer Awards has expert beer judges mainly from China and Hong Kong.

These judges are all independent and know the specific and unique tastes of Chinese consumers.

Head Judge


Mr. Tomy Fong 方啓聰

Mr. Tomy Fong is the first “Certified” BJCP International Beer Judge from Hong Kong.

Beer Judge at:

HKHA Annual Homebrew Competition 2015 & 2016

Shanghai International Craft Beer Competition 2016

Singapore Homebrew Charity Cup 2016

Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2016


Mr. Fong currently works as an Advisor in both beer and wine industries, he is a writer for several magazines.

He is very passionate about beer. Not just on the tasting and judging level, he is also a tremendous homebrewer.

Judging Process

All beers will be tasted in blind. Base on the BJCP judging process, divides beer in different styles.

50 is the full score for a beer determine by the aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel and overall impression.

41-50 Gold Medal

31-40 Silver Medal

21-30 Bronze Medal

All the Gold Medals beers will then be taste again to find out the best of the best in its style.

Why held in Hong Kong?

Beer samples deliver to Hong Kong are DUTY FREE.