“…World of Beer feels like the timing for entry into China…” 

YOU get ready to enter the market?

To know the CHINA MARKET… 

China Beer Awards judge panels includes professional Judges, Importers, F&B representatives from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

These judges are all independent and know the specific and unique tastes of Chinese consumers. The judges' comments can give you more understanding about the Chinese taste and the Chinese beer market.

To differentiate your products by increasing the awareness and exposure of it to CHINA MARKET…

For Entrants:

Entrants and Winners are showcased on our website which is frequently visited by beer importers and distributors.

Brand building your beer in different platforms, both online and offline to increase the awareness and exposure.

For Winners:

We provide Winning Certificate, makes your products stand out on the shelves worldwide.

Winners can download official China Beer Awards logo and medal images, use them on their website, social media pages, leaflets, etc.

We have great relationship with major China and Hong Kong media.

China Beer Awards winners will be launched in media such as local newspapers, magazines, online journalists and bloggers.

Subsequent events benefit to both Entrants and Winners is under planning:

We may team up with Chinese beer importers to arrange circulated promotion activities all over China next year.

Your beer shall be introduced to the great market by sampling them to the major buyers, importers, F&Bs.

^Earlier your product(s) to the China Beer Awards, earlier your product(s) EXPOSED to your TARGET Market!